Reading your Chinese visa


1. Visa Category:

  • L - Tourist visa
  • F - Cultural exchange, training, research, sport competition, conference. No trade involved
  • M - Trade activities such as: visiting factories; business discussions; signing contracts
  • Z - Work visa

2. Visa valid until - the applicant can enter China by this date and stay up to amount of days stated in 7
3. Date of Issuance - visa calid from date; the applicant can enter China from this date
4. Full Name of the Applicant (in a lot of cases it is shown in an abbreviated format). For example, Mr. Alan Brown may be printed as A. Brown on the visa sticker. However, the full name is always recorded in the machine-readable code (the last two lines of the visa sticker).
5. Date of Birth of the Applicant
6. Number of Entries Permitted
7. Duration of Each Stay
8. Place of Issuance
9. Passport Number

Embassies and Consulates Listing A-Z

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