UK national to Nigeria Business visa

Visa Requirements: 
  • Valid passport with at least one blank page (how to renew your passport)
  • 2 recent passport size photos, signed and dated on the back by the applicant
  • 1 completed, signed visa application form (see below for instructions)
  • Letter of invitation from Nigerian company accepting full immigration responsibilities (draft)
  • UK company letter in original (draft)
  • Additional COVID19 form (please click here to download)
  • Order form (please click here to download)
Supporting Information: 

Applicants of all nationalities aged over 5 years old must submit fingerprints. Fingerprinting is required with every visa application even if one had already been fingerprinted for a previous visa application.

Application form
Will be completed by us using information from your order form or/and previously used application forms.

Appointment system
The visa centre operates appointment system. Submission slots availability depends on the workload of the visa section. To check current appointment availability, please contact us.

Multiple entry visas
Multiple entry visas are only issued to those who have had at least one used single entry business visa and can provide it in original.

Allowed activities under business visas
Only business meetings/discussions are allowed under a business visa. This must be reflected on (1) invitation letter; (2) supporting letter from employer; (3) online application form in the purpose of travel section. Providing consultation, training or supervision require Teporary Work Permit.

AnyVisa Solution:
The following is included in our service:

  • Accompanying the applicant at the visa centre during the submission
  • Completion of your online visa application form to ensure it meets the embassy's standards
  • Advise on supporting documents that may be required
  • Applciation presubmission check
  • Issued visa collection and error check 
Handling Fees: 
Visa type Processing time at the consulate NIS fee (paid online; subject to USD to GBP rate) Visa Centre fee (exc. VAT) Handling fee (exc VAT) Total (inc VAT)
Single entry - up to 90 days 2-3 working days £136.67 £158.33 £100.00 £446.66
Single entry - up to 90 days 5-6 working days £136.67 £60.00 £100.00 £328.67
Multiple entry - up to 6 months 2-3 working days £410.00 £158.33 £100.00 £720.00
Multiple entry - up to 6 months 5-6 working days £410.00 £60.00 £100.00 £602.00
Multiple entry - up to 12 months 2-3 working days £410.00 £158.33 £100.00 £720.00
Multiple entry - up to 12 months 5-6 working days £410.00 £60.00 £100.00 £602.00


Next steps:
Please gather the above listed required documents and send them to us for processing. We must receive your documents by at least 4pm on working day prior to your scheduled submission appointment.

Sending your documents
You can deliver your documents to our office:

  • by AnyVisa courier (London; courier delivery fees); please let us know when your documents are ready for collection
  • in person or by your courier service at any time between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday
  • by post via Royal Mail Special Delivery for arrival before 1pm (do not post for Saturday delivery unless prearranged with one of our representative)

Delivery back options
Please follow this link for delivery options.

Embassies and Consulates Listing A-Z

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