United Kingdom national to Saudi Arabia Business visa

Visa Requirements: 
  • 1 recent passport size photo
  • Passport with at least two blank pages facing each other and valid for at least six months (how to renew your passport)
  • 1 completed and signed original application form (download)
  • Supporting letter from employer (must follow this sample; be certified by LCCI - see below)
  • Invitation letter (see requirements below)
  • Order form (download
Supporting Information: 

Supporting letter from employer
Supporting letters from UK employer must be certified by London Chamber of Commerce (LCCI). AnyVisa can assist with the certification. It takes 24 hours to certify the letter at total cost of £74.20+VAT, which includes our handling fee of £35 .

Mandatory medical insurance
All visa applicants must have a medical insurance from one of the approved by the Saudi government insurance providers. This does not apply to (1) diplomatic and service passport holders; (2) pilgrimage applicants; (3) those travelling for medical treatments. The cost of the insurance is paid by AnyVisa on behalf of the applicant when registering their application online. Applicants can choose an insurance provider when completing visa application form (see list of required documents).

Invitation letter
Must be organised by the inviter through either local Chamber of Commerce or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When filing invitation request the sponsor needs to state applicant's employer - this must be the same company providing supporting letter for actual visa application.

Applicants holding an engineering, technical or consultant positions must have invitation letter for a working visit visa. Commercial visit visas are not currently issued to such applicants.

Female applicants
Invitation must be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Applicants of Arabic origin
If travelling during the Hajj or Umrah must present invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Applicants born outside of their country of citizenship
If born outside of the country of current citizenship and have never been a citizen of that country must provide certified copy of their birth certificate.

Holders of valid visas
The embassy will not issue a visa to someone with a still valid Saudi visa. Such applicants can only be submitted at least 2 days prior to current visa expiry date.

Vaccination and past travel to Sierra Leon or Republic of Guinea
Some international travellers arriving to Saudi Arabia from certain African and South American countries are required to have vaccination certificates. Please see here and here for detailed information.
Applicants who travelled to these countries within the past four weeks at the date of application will be rejected. Please apply after the four weeks period.

Self-employed applicants
Must be supported by a letter from UK registered company.

Applicants in the maritime sector
Invitation letter for such applicants can come in a form of simple invite issued by the Saudi host on their headed paper. The letter must state requested visa (multiple for 1 year with 90 days longest stay or single entry 3 months visa with 30 days longest stay). Occupation of the applicant on the invite letter must be the same as in their maritime passport.

Handling Fees: 

Visa type Processing time at the consulate Visa fee Handling fee (exc VAT) Total (inc VAT)
Single entry - up to 90 days 2-3 working days £120.00 £100.00 £240.00
Multiple entry - up to 6 months 2-3 working days £120.00 £100.00 £240.00
Multiple entry - up to 1 year 2-3 working days £435.00 £100.00 £555.00
Multiple entry - up to 2 years 2-3 working days £435.00 £100.00 £555.00

Processing time does not include certification of employer letter at the LCCI.
Total cost does not include certification of employer letter at the LCCI (if required) and mandatory medical insurance.
Visa is valid for entry within the period listed above and allows certain period of stay defined by the invitation. 


Next steps:
Please gather the above listed required documents and send them to us for processing.

Sending your documents
You can deliver your documents to our office:

  • by AnyVisa courier (London; courier delivery fees); please let us know when your documents are ready for collection
  • in person or by your courier service at any time between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday
  • by post via Royal Mail Special Delivery for arrival before 1pm (do not post for Saturday delivery unless prearranged with one of our representative)

Delivery back options
Please follow this link for delivery options.

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