Extra pages for an US passport


  • Application form, completed in black ink (please click here to fill)
  • Your current passport which requires extra pages
  • A Letter of Authorisation, ideally on your company's letterhead. Please click here to download
  • Proof of travel within 5 working days for express service (see below)


Supporting Information:
Number of pages - Only one set of 24 extra pages can be added at a time, but if needed, and if your passport remains in good condition, you may have up to three sets of extra pages inserted into your passport.

Express service - Takes 2-3 working days; provided only to applicants travelling within 5 days; Proof of travel is required; Please email this to us prior to sending your documents to obtain an urgent appointment at the embassy.

Processing times and fees:

Processing Time Consulate Fee Handling Fee Total
2-3 working days £55 £100 + VAT £175
10-15 working days £55 £55 + VAT £121


Next steps:
For express service please email us proof of travel prior to sending your documents to obtain an urgent appointment at the embassy. For standard service please gather the above listed required documents and send them to us for processing.

Sending your documents
You can deliver your documents to our office:

  • by AnyVisa courier (London; courier delivery fees); please let us know when your documents are ready for collection
  • in person or by your courier service at any time between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday
  • by post via Royal Mail Special Delivery for arrival before 1pm (do not post for Saturday delivery unless prearranged with one of our representative)

Delivery back options
Please follow this link for delivery options.

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