UK national to Saudi Arabia Work visa

Visa Requirements: 

From the applicant:

  • Passport with at least two blank pages facing each other and valid for at least six months (how to renew your passport)
  • 1 recent passport size photo
  • 1 completed and signed original application form (download)
  • Medical report (see below)
  • Copy of CV
  • If previously employed in Saudi Arabia – copy of recommendation letter from the previous employer
  • Academic qualification certificate in the field of job (see below)
  • Criminal records (ACRO) certificate (see below)
  • COVID-19 Travel Statement Form (download)
  • Flight booking confirmation

From the employer:

  • Visa approval issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Letter of introduction from the employer in Saudi Arabia
  • Power of Attorney from employer (wakala)
  • Visa block copy
  • Copy of employment contract attested by Saudi Foreign Ministry and Chamber of Commerce
Supporting Information: 

Visa validity
Work visas are valid for 1-3 months from the date of issue. Once you are in Saudi Arabia, your employer will convert it into a longer multiple entry visa.

Holders of valid work visas 
The Embassy will not issue a visa to someone with a still valid work visa. If an applicant has a running work Saudi visa then need to supply a cancellation request from the company, who invited him/her, addressed to the Embassy in Arabic. 

Medical report
The report must be provided by applicants over 15 y.o. Issued by a medical professional and legalised by FCO. Please click here to download the report form accepted by the Consulate. Other forms won’t be accepted. The report must be issued within the last three months prior to visa application.

Academic certification
In original. Must be certified by Saudi Cultural Bureau, then stamped by a UK solicitor/public notary and appostiled by the FCO.

ACRO Certificate
Must be issued in the UK no more than 1 month prior to visa application (request one) and certified by FCO. If the certificate shows no live trace, Subject Access must be requested.

Gathering required documents
As the ACRO certificate is only valid for one month from the date of issue, we advise to gather the documents in the following order:


  1. Attestation of the educational certificates by the Saudi Cultural Bureau; once done
  2. Medical report, ACRO certificate and documents from the Saudi employer
  3. FCO certification of the above documents (apart from the Saudi documents)
  4. All other documents.

FCO certification
We can assist with the public notary and FCO attestation of the above documents. If you wish to take advantage of the service, please post us the items 1, 2 and 4 listed above once ready, we will do the rest. For cost and timing of the FCO certification service please see this page.

Vaccination and past travel to Sierra Leon or Republic of Guinea
Some international travellers arriving to Saudi Arabia from certain African and South American countries are required to have vaccination certificates. Please see here and here for detailed information.
Applicants who travelled to these countries within the past four weeks at the date of application will be rejected. Please apply after the four weeks period.

Applicants born outside of their country of citizenship
If born outside of the country of current citizenship and have never been a citizen of that country must provide certified copy of their birth certificate.

Mandatory medical insurance
All visa applicants must have a medical insurance from one of the approved by the Saudi government insurance providers. This does not apply to (1) diplomatic and service passport holders; (2) pilgrimage applicants; (3) those travelling for medical treatments. The cost of the insurance is paid by AnyVisa on behalf of the applicant when registering their application online. Applicants can choose an insurance provider when completing visa application form (see list of required documents).


Handling Fees: 
Visa type Processing time at the consulate Visa fee Handling fee (exc VAT) Total (inc VAT)
Single entry 2-3 working days £20.00 £150.00 £200.00


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