UK "Second" Passport Renewal | First "Second" Passport


  • Application form, completed in black ink sections 1, 2, 3, 9 and countersigned in section 10 (the form can be obtained from a Post Office branch)
  • Passport to be renewed (for 2nd passport renewals)
  • Any valid passports (original) from a different country you might have
  • Copy of ID page of current valid passport (original is not required) and copies of all issued to this passport visas if any
  • Original statement letter form the applicant/their employer confirming the reason their original other/current passport is not available for this application (sample letter)
  • Two identical recent passport photos on light background, only one of which countersigned
  • Original letter from employer justifying the reason for the second passport (follow this sample); the signee of the letter will be contacted by HMPO before issuing the passport. It is important the this person is reachable and their correct contact details are provided on the letter
  • A Letter of authorisation to collect the applicant's passport (download here


Supporting Information:
Appointment system and passport fees
HM Passport Office operates appointment system. Processing time stated below depends on the next available appointment date. Normally, appointments are available within 3 working days. The applicant does not need to submit the application in person - we will handle the entire process. We will schedule a submission slot for a convenient for the applicant date for delivery of their documents to us. Passport fees are paid at the time of appointment booking and are not refundable by the Passport Office should the application not be ready on time.

Countersignature must be done after the application form is signed by the applicant. The date the applicant signs the form must be equal or older than the countersignature date.

Damaged passports
If your existing or expired passport has been damaged, defaced or altered the application will be processed in one week only. Also the damaged passport will be destroyed and not returned to you. We advise that you should photocopy all relevant pages showing stamps and visas, which may help in obtaining replacements.

Self-employed applicants
Supporting letters for second passport must be issued by the applicant's accountant on their headed paper.

Processing time
Passport Office runs appointment system. Waiting time for an appointment can be from a couple of days until several weeks depending on Passport Office's workload. Urgent applications are processed in 24 hours. Contact us to check next available appointment. Passport fees are paid upon appointment booking and cannot be refunded if the service is cancelled or request to reschedule booked appointment submitted in less then 3 working days.

HM Passport Office issues passport without the holder's signature. Applicants are required to sign their passports once issued. Passports without the holders' signatures are not valid for travel or a visa application.


Processing times and fees:

Type of service Processing Time Passport Fee Handling Fee (exc VAT) Total (inc VAT)
Standard passport (34 pages) 1 week  £147.00 £100.00 £267.00
Jumbo passport (50 pages) 1 week  £157.00 £100.00 £277.00
Damaged passport (34 pages) 1 week  £147.00 £100.00 £267.00
Damaged jumbo passport (50 pages) 1 week  £157.00 £100.00 £277.00



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