UK national to Nigeria Work visa

Visa Requirements: 

Temporary Work Permit (TWP)
Issued for Installation, Providing Training, Commissioning, Inspections, Auditing, Accounting, Review Development, Upgrading of Company, Consultancy Work, Visiting Facilities (on site visit). If you are travelling to Nigeria for any of the above reasons for more than 3 months, you are advised to apply for a Subject to Regularization (STR) Visa.

  • Passport valid for 6 months beyond the visa dates and with 2 blank pages (how to renew your passport)
  • 1 completed, signed visa application form (see below for instructions) 
  • 2 passport sized photos, signed and dated by the applicant on the back
  • Approved cable gram from the immigration office in Abuja. A cable gram can only be used once and must be used within 3 months from the date it was issued.
  • Letter from sponsor in Nigeria addressed to the Visa Section accepting full immigration responsibilities
  • UK company letter requesting a Temporary Work Permit
  • Order form (please click here to download)


Subject to Regularisation visa (STR)
Issued for stays of more than 3 months for any type of work or to family member of someone settled in Nigeria, who is intending to live in Nigeria.

  • Passport valid for 6 months beyond the visa dates and with 2 blank pages (how to renew your passport)
  • 4 completed, signed visa application form (see below for instructions)  
  • Copy of 'Payment confirmed' page
  • 4 passport sized photos
  • Original letter from Nigerian company (4 copies)
  • Original letter from UK company (4 copies)
  • Expatriate Quota (4 copies) valid for minimum of 3 months and for a matching position offered to the applicant
  • Employment Contract signed by both Employer and Employee (4 copies)
  • Letter of acceptance of job offer signed by Employee (4 copies)
  • Applicant’s CV (4 copies)
  • Employee’s Certificates/Credentials (originals to be seen and returned)
  • Order form (please click here to download)


Supporting Information: 

Visa application form
Application form can be completed by:

  1. Following this link to the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) you will be required to sign up using a Gmail/Yahoo account; Once completed, you will be required to pay NIS fee with a VISA card issued in the applicant's name only. AnyVisa can pay this on your behalf, see below for details.
  2. AnyVisa can fill the form and pay visa fee on your behalf. Please fill out this questionnaire, sign the last page, which will be swapped with the completed form for submission, and send it to us along with other required documents.

Complition of the online form and/or payment on behalf of the applicant will be charged at £20+VAT per applicant. NIS fee will be passed on along with visa fee and handling fee.

Handling Fees: 


Visa type
Visa validity
Duration of process
paid online
Visa fee
Handling fee
Total cost (inc. VAT)
Single entry for 3 months
3 working days
£350 ($472)
£65 + VAT
6 working days
£350 ($472)
£55 + VAT
Single entry, will be converted into multiple entries once in Nigeria
5 working days
£350 ($472)
£65 + VAT
8 working days £350 ($472) £122 £55 + VAT £538


Next steps:
Please gather the above listed required documents and send them to us for processing.

Sending your documents
You can deliver your documents to our office:

  • by AnyVisa courier (London; courier delivery fees); please let us know when your documents are ready for collection
  • in person or by your courier service at any time between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday
  • by post via Royal Mail Special Delivery for arrival before 1pm (do not post for Saturday delivery unless prearranged with one of our representative)

Delivery back options
Please follow this link for delivery options.


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